Divorce Attorneys

It's already painful to end a marriage, but it's even more painful to deal with the problems that come with it, such as child custody, alimony, and asset division. Handling the whole divorce process can take more time and energy than you think. To make things easier, you may need a divorce lawyer.

What A Divorce Lawyer Can Do For You

1. Advise you on strategy

An experienced divorce attorney will be able to design a strategy for your case and tell you what you are likely to get in the divorce.

2. Negotiate on your behalf

The divorce attorney always has your best interests at heart and is willing to handle all the tough negotiations for you.

3. Handle paperwork

Although you can complete divorce paperwork on your own, it’s easy to make mistakes if you are not familiar with the legal system.

Besides, the divorce paperwork process is extremely time-consuming. Aside from spending several late nights completing forms correctly, you may have to take time off work to go to the courthouse to collect the proper paperwork and later file it. But if you have a divorce attorney help you, things would be totally different.

4. File motions to resolve other matters

You may encounter many problems in the divorce process, for example, “who lives in the marital home during the divorce.” Your divorce attorney can file motions to resolve these questions.

Of course, a divorce attorney can provide more services than we mentioned above. But before you can discuss the details with them, you need to find a divorce attorney first.

How To Find A Divorce Attorney

Here are 5 effective ways to help you find a potential divorce attorney:

1. Ask Around For Recommendations

Talk to your friends and family members who have gone through a divorce, and see if they can recommend a professional divorce attorney.

2. Search Online

Today most attorneys have at least a website or social media profile. You can use a search engine like Google to locate specialized divorce lawyers. There will also be reviews about them to help you choose the right attorney.

3. Consult Your Local Bar Association

Your local bar association has a list of the top attorneys, including divorce attorneys in your area. Contact them and get a list of names.

4. Visit Your Local Law Firms

Research your local law agencies and pay them a visit. You may get some luck and find a list of divorce attorneys.

5. Use The Yellow Pages

You can also search the listings for divorce attorneys on the Yellow Pages.

As you can see, there are many options available for you to choose a divorce attorney. And you may have got a list of potential attorneys through the sources mentioned above. What to do next is go for a consultation with each of them to select the right one for you.

Interview The Divorce Lawyers

Treat the consultation like a job interview, wherein you are the employer. Prepare questions for the attorney, and make sure you won’t miss the following:

“How long have you been practicing family law?” The longer the attorney has practiced, the better.

“How many divorce cases do you handle per year?” The attorney who spends at least 50% of his or her time doing divorce work is ideal.

“What are your fees? How do you charge? What kind of service is included?” “How are the fees calculated?” Make sure the attorney’s service is worth the cost, and most importantly, you can afford the cost.

“What is your strategy for my divorce?” The attorney should be able to give you a rough game plan for your case.

“How long do you expect my divorce process to take?” Although the attorney is not a fortune teller, he or she should be able to tell you an estimate of how long the process will last.

You can also ask any questions related to your specific situation. Usually, the attorney should not have any problem answering any questions you asked and should not sound hesitant. But if your issue is complicated or rare, it’s possible that he or she may need to do a little research.

Now that you have done all the interviews, you’re able to find out who is the best lawyer for your divorce.


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